As part of my work with POV, I'm fortunate enough to work with talented young creatives with amazing vision and voice.  Here are a few short documentaries I've produced through my work at POV.

Worst Student Ever (2018)

Runtime: 13 mins. Through the eyes of Randell Adjei, we understand the gravity of the issues facing Scarborough youth today. Amidst gun violence, poverty, and stigmatization, we see resilience through community, art, and a passion for change. This resilience is highlighted through R.I.S.E., a spoken word event that has been quietly operating in Malvern for the last 6 years and changing lives, including that of the director, Dizzy Ricamara.

Directors: Dizzy Ricamara & Mike Regis

Producers: Veronika Latkina, Gabrielle Zilkha, Loveleen Kang

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Short Film - Breakthrough Film Festival

Badassery (2017)

Runtime: 22 mins. This compelling exposé takes a look at three female DJs who are unapologetically disrupting the Toronto hip-hop scene. The film chronicles the journey of women who are pursuing their passions and crafting their careers in a male-dominated industry. From the up-and-coming independent curator to the global powerhouse, these creatives have crafted a brand for themselves as industry leaders, without compromising who they are.  It is the weirdos and nonconformists who are now redefining what it means to be a woman of colour in hip-hop. "Badassery" examines the social, political and cultural factors that enabled and empowered their success, such as the growing economization of social media, the rise of independent artists, and beauty as capital.

Directors: Sarafina McIntosh & Sunita Miya-Muganza

Producers: Demi Valentine, Gabrielle Zilkha

© 2017 Gabrielle Zilkha